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Management notion:
Create value for our clients and company: offer products and services which are better than those of our competitors.
Action guide:
Solidarity, Innovation, Development, Performance, High efficiency.
Service slogan:
Serve our consumers heart and soul.
Quality guideline:
Clients are the most important people.
Produce motorcycles with leading quality.
All employees participate in the quality activities.
Prevent from the quality problem.
Subtly supervise for the production.
Manufacture motorcycles with great care.
Our company culture campaigns persevere in development idea since it was founded:Based on human,developing with the age,consistently improved and innovated

We strengthen the education of our employees on mentality and occupation moral. And pay great attention to cultivate and enhance the technology level of our employees. We not only provide sufficiency development space for our persons with ability, but also put fund to build a perfect and soundly leisure place in order to enrich the spirit life of our employees and increase the content of the culture in our company. The activities make our employees look more energetic, fill our company with vital force.
Each year,the labor union of our company organizes the personnel at post to conduct technological training and competition.The culture week on square in National Days, the matches on basketball, table tennis, fishing and long-distance running, attract a large number of employees to participate in. All these activities gather our employees together to work for the common goal, and also provide a good condition for the continual development of our company


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