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2020-05-10 15:36:55
Dayang V Rui | Discover the beauty of details

Dayang V Rui | Discover the beauty of details

The beauty of carving is in the silent place,

Share surprises and warm details, in the name of V Rui.


The ultra-low seat height is 738mm, which is close to the people. It is greatly reduces the difficulty of driving and improves the safety performance and sense of down-to-earth. The vehicle is blend in ergonomics, it will bring you a more comfortable ride with ingenuity quality.


Qiqi who works in New Motor Network, 160cm tall, straddling the big V, can easily touch the front feet with both feet. The girls can be easily controlled, not to mention the drivers of 165cm, 170cm, and 175cm tall.

One-button start


One-button start

Keyless smart lock, one-button start, convenient and fast


Worry-free Endurance

Equipped with a 13.5L front fuel tank, the long-distance motorcycle brigade can also enjoy it, go forward fearlessly, and as you wish on the road.

LED six lens headlight


LED six lens headlights + LED integrated taillight turn signal

The headlights are six lenses, which effectively solve the problems of astigmatism and uneven light sources distribution. They are extremely sharp, creating a fearless look at the front of the car, which is more penetrating.

Big V must have more details waiting for you to discover,

Explore his beauty together and look forward to learn your sharing...

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