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DAYANG Brand Value is 8.265 Billion RMB

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On June 26th  2014,it is certified that DAYANG has been awarded the 11th CHINA’s 500 most valuable brands 2014,which brand value is 8.265 billion RMB status following a strict selection process by the WORLD BRAND LABORATORY. DAYANG brand once again won the list, ranking the 270th spot.
This year's "Chinese 500 most valuable brands" list, a total of 25 related industries from information technology, home appliances, automotive, energy, food and beverage, textile and garment, media, brand selected.
   "Luoyang Northern Ek-Chor Company puts innovation into the enterprise culture, relies on the world advanced production, testing, research and development facilities and first-class technical talent, produced a series of DAYANG products with superior performance, style fashion, become well-known national brands among China motorcycle industry." A media on the brand into the list Chinese's top 500 most valuable brands such evaluation
It is understood, as the top five brands the most authoritative assessment of global institutions, the world brand laboratory for eleven consecutive years has developed and issued "Chinese 500 most valuable brands" list.

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