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Motorcycle promotion on the celebration of the 23 anniversary

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To thank customers for their trust and support to our company's products, on the 23 anniversary of the establishment of the company, we carry out the limited feedback activity on the serial motorcycles of DY125150-2858)、DY125-8DY110-19DY110-26.  Please consult the contact person in charge of the different area announced as follows:

Contact persons and their telephone number

Africa Market           Mr. Li Hua Long   Tell: 0086-379-65118051 

Europe Market          Mr. Song Yin Jun  Tell: 0086-379-65118118

South America Market   Ms. Zhang Jun Lan Tell:0086-379-65118642

Asia Market            Mr. Zhao Bin       Tell:0086-379-65118418

Bangladesh Market     Mr. Jia Zhe         Tell:0086-379-65118078

Fax: 0086-0379-64937591


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