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2017 China Motorcycle annual model selection awards ceremony held

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         In September 16th, 2017Chinamotorcycle annual model selection of the year award ceremony in Jiangsu Dafenggang Sport Stadium ended. At the meeting the Chinese Motorcycle Automobile Industry Association Branch, National Motorcycle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the relevant leaders of Dafenggang District, as well as the representatives from major professional motorcycle vehicle media, motorcycle companies and fans from all over the country , totally more than 2000 people attended the awards ceremony. The Dayang Tianao "(DY150-33) won the 2017 China motorcycle of the year award selection of dynamic models; Dayang Chok G won 2017 clever passenger car of the year award China motorcycle electric four wheel car of the year.




The selection judged by the strong lineup of judges, on the strict result by the professional test site, through the perfect evaluation of the project to ensure the authority of the selection results. Activities supported by the Motorcycle coffee nets, Motorcycle bar, Niumo net, Motorcycle information net, Damour Institute, "Motorcycle Magazine, Motorcycle world, Motorcycle information, Chinese motorcycle technology, China’s industry news and other professional websites and magazines, the Organizing Committee hopes to rely on the evaluation units from the professional, informational and marketing authority, realize the complementary advantages of multiple resources, supply the driving evaluation more real to the market, release the most reliable comment and best trusted model by the most authoritative experts.

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