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DY90-3Aproduct structure and technical parameters
Size appearance : 1855mm*665mm*1043mm
The greatest torque : 5.7N.m/5500--6000r/min
Wheelbase: 1200±36mm
Startup: Kick starter and electric starting
Maximum Power : 4.58kw/8000r/min
Cylinder volume work : 85.88ml
Climbing performance : ≧18゜
Quality empty : 93±10kg
Economic Fuel Consumption : ≦1.5L/100km
Ignition way : CDI
Passenger vehicle : 3.5L
Maximum speed : 75km/h
Braking distance : ≦7m(30 km/h)
Compression ratio : 8.8:1
Seating  washer Whole/Fission
products : DY90-3A two-wheeled motorcycle is redesigned based on DY100 motorcycle. It uses DY147FMF engine, equipped with CDI electrical igniter, aluminum alloyed wheel, adjustable rear cushion, Φ110 brake and front carrier basket. It is fuel saving and durable and looks elegant.

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